Planned Giving

FACTS About Philanthropic Funds

Philanthropic funds form the centerpiece of a tax-wise charitable plan for individuals, families and entrepreneurs. These funds provide individuals with the opportunity to manage their wealth and philanthropy together for personal and community benefit. Philanthropic funds provided more than $8.3 million to The Associated, its agencies and other Jewish organizations in fiscal year 2012 alone. These funds also make grants to worthy charitable organizations in the general community, providing more than $5.1 million in grants last fiscal year.

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Family Giving

Funds give families the opportunity to teach Jewish values to the next generation. Funds, with their wide grant-making authority, create a platform for intergenerational philanthropy to match your family's unique interests with the needs of the community, empowering your family to become more deeply engaged in the life of the community.

Assistance from The Associated

The Associated provides all of the technical support needed to operate your fund. The Associated's Center for Funds and Foundations provides personalized support to funds and foundations and donor families identifying funding opportunities in specific areas, facilitating the grant making process from proposal through funding, and providing the due diligence necessary to ensure effective philanthropy and meaningful outcomes. In addition, The Associated maintains all records and provides regular financial statements, grant summaries and investment reviews.

Cost Effective

The administration costs of a fund are below that of other providers and often significantly less than what it would cost to operate a private foundation.


Donors receive a charitable tax deduction, superior to that of a private foundation, in the year that they make the contribution. The deduction may be especially useful where the contribution is made in a year where the donor has a financial windfall.

Superior Investment Performance

Donors can leverage their contribution to a fund through the superior investment performance of The Associated's Consolidated Investment Fund ("CIF"). With almost $500 million under management, The Associated has diversified its portfolio among many different asset classes, reducing risk and volatility and providing strong relative returns over the short and long-term. As of June 30, 2012, the CIF has outperformed most, if not all, other major Jewish Federations in North America for the long term.

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